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Education service

The Association believes that everyone is equal, and people of any age, intelligence, language, nationality, and economic status should have the opportunity to receive education. Therefore, the Association is committed to developing education services. The association is people-oriented and caters to the physical, intellectual, emotional, social, moral, and language development needs of pre-school children. It also pays attention to individual differences, strives to provide high-quality learning opportunities and appropriate care, and attaches importance to home-school cooperation to optimize the learning and growth environment. The association also provides continuous education for the elderly and the disabled to realize their potential, actively participate in society, and enjoy a prosperous life. The association also organizes an employee retraining program to assist clients to re-enter the labor market after training, continue to work in new positions or get promoted.

Service mission

As a diversified service non-governmental organization based in Hong Kong with integrity, hope and love, we confirm that our collective responsibility is to encourage the extension of self-help and mutual assistance, advocate social fairness and justice, and strive to provide excellent professional services for common development A society of caring, respect and sharing.

Educational goals

  • Provide high-quality care and education to promote children to develop a good life, eating habits and spirit of cooperation.

  • Help children learn to act independently and take care of themselves.

  • Stimulate children's thinking and creativity.

  • Cultivate children's interest in active learning and reading.

  • Enhance children's body frame and make them more flexible and agile.

  • Inspire children's intelligence; enable their emotional, social and physical development to be comprehensive and balanced.

  • Help children lay a good foundation for entering elementary school.

  • Establish a good learning and growth environment through parent education and parent-child activities.

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