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Our service objectives

  • Provide high-quality care and education. Help children to develop good living and eating habits and team spirit.

  • ​Help children learn to act independently and take care of themselves.

  • ​Stimulate children's thinking and creativity.

  • ​Cultivate children to learn actively and develop their interest in reading.

  • ​Enhance children's physicality and make them more flexible and agile.

  • Inspire children's intelligence to develop their emotional, social, and physical stamina comprehensively and properly.

  • Help children lay a solid foundation for entering primary school.

  • Establish a good learning and growth environment through parent education and parent-child activities.


Service target

Children 2 to 6 years old.

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Our teacher’s credentials

All teachers in our school are Qualified Kindergarten Teachers (QKT) and Child Care Workers (CCW)
Principal                                         1

Kindergarten Teacher Officer     1
Full-time teacher                           8

Integrated Program teacher                    1

Part-time teacher                                          2
Clerk                                                      1
Janitor                                                 3

Part-time Janitor                                            1
Chef                                                        1


 Professional qualifications of our teaching staffs

Holder of Certification in Pre-primary Education                     100%
Holder of Advanced Diploma in Pre-primary Education        100%
Holder of Bachelor’s Degree in Pre-primary Education          45%
Holder of Master’s Degree in Pre-primary Education                 5%

Holder of Certification in Special Education                                45%

​Measures for non-Chinese speaking children

  • There are announcements in different languages.

  • Translated instructions will be distributed when enrolling to let parents and children know about the school.

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