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Fees & charges

2023-2024 school year (9/2023 - 8/2024)

N1 Class:    Monthly fee of HKD 3,942

                                    (Include tuition fee HKD$ 3492 and meal charge of HKD$ 450)
K1 – K3 Class:  Monthly fee of HKD 1,313

                                    (Include tuition fee HKD$1034 and meal charge of HKD $279)

Parents may purchase school uniforms and textbooks from relevant suppliers.

​Schoolbag:     HKD $80


School uniform - Summer

Boys Sportswear  (Purple & Orange )  each colour   HKD $94​

Girls Sportswear  (Purple & Orange )  each colour   HKD $104

Wind Stopper Jacket HKD$93

School uniform - Winter

Sport hoodie and trouser  (Purple & Orange )  each colour   HKD $128
Jacket with fleece vest   HKD $260

We have participated in the Free Quality Kindergarten Education Scheme (only K1 - K3 classes).
The fees are adjusted on an annual basis and approved by the Education Bureau. Eligible families with financial needs can apply to the "Student Financial Office" for tuition remission.

Our fees and charges are approved by the Social Welfare Department. Eligible families with financial needs can apply to the Social Welfare Department for the "Occasional Child Care Service Finance Scheme" to reduce the fee. Please contact our staff for more information. 

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