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Fees & Charges

2023-2024 School Year

Monthly school fee for N1 class - HKD 3,787

(Include food fee of HKD 433)

Monthly school fee for K1-K3 classes from September 2023 to August 2024 - HKD 985

(Include food fee of HKD 250)

The fees are adjusted on an annual basis and approved by the Education Bureau. Eligible families with financial needs can apply to the "Student Financial Office" for tuition remission.


Parents may purchase school uniforms and textbooks from relevant suppliers.

Schoolbag: HKD 80


School uniform - Summer :

boys - PE Tracksuit (tops: orange or purple)  HKD 94 per set

girls - PE Tracksuit (tops: orange or purple)  HKD 104 per set

                                                                   Thin trouser  HKD 65

                                                                               Jacket  HKD 93

School uniform - Winter :

PE Tracksuit (tops: orange or purple)  HKD 128 per set
                                                                      Coat  HKD 260

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