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​Additional Services

Occasional Child Care Service (OCC):

Provide respite service for infants and toddlers from full moon to two years old for families in need

Respite Service Charges


The service charge is HK$16 per two hours

Meals are charged at HK$6.5 each

Respite activities

We will try its best to allow children in respite care to participate in normal activities.


The Extended Hours Service (EHS):

Healthy children from full moon to two years old.

Extended service charge and time charge method:

HK$13 per hour

(less than one hour will be counted as one hour)

Service Hours:


Monday to Friday: 6 pm to 8 pm  

Saturday: 1pm to 3pm

  (An extra hour will be charged for overtime)

Extended activities

We will provide children with meals, big muscle games and various activities during the extended service hours.

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